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Herbal Product Development

We offer herbal product development:  From physicochemical characterization and authentication of herbs for custom formulation to finished product manufacturing for private-label distribution.  We specialize in the characterization and sourcing of authenticated, high-quality Chinese herbs.  If you are a conscientious marketer with a lot of good intentions to contribute to consumer health but no technical capability to differentiate herbal hype from herbal technology, let us be your technical center.  Or if you are an herbal products manufacturer confused about what a truly traditional herbal product should be, let us be your advisor and technical support.

We work with you to do the following:

  • Develop a good and logical formula following the wisdom of traditional use to ensure the long history of safe and beneficial use is not lost in modern processing.
  • Use the most advanced scientific herbal technology Phyto B/P Profiling for identifying, characterizing and standardizing the herbal ingredients in the formula
  • Manufacture the formula in a quality-controlled environment, capable of providing a consistent product time after time.
  • And we are not just any contractor or supplier - we stand behind what we do for you with our technical support.

Consulting Services

In addition to working with you from start to finish on developing a product we can assist you step by step in your product development.

We offer the following consulting services:

Product formulation – We work with you to determine the proper herb or herb combinations to produce the desired results.

Process Development – We help you determine the process needs for manufacturing your herbal product. This includes research and development work in our lab to pilot scale manufacturing.  Our process development is based on tradition while utilizing modern science.

Research Consulting – We offer consulting in identification and characterization of herbs.  This includes Phyto B/P Profiling for herbal ingredients and RBRMs™ for traditional Chinese herbal products and research.

Please see our other products and services such as Pilot extraction and Carbon dioxide supercritical fluid extraction for your research needs.

Sample custom formulas based on traditional use and benefits include the following:

Brain and Memory Aid
Energy (not ephedrine-, synephrine-, caffeine- or other drug-based)
Health formulas for males, females and seniors
Immune Support
Pain Relief
Sleep Aid/Relaxation
Weight Management

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