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RBRM™ - Representative Botanical
Reference/Research Material

Many factors affect the quality of traditional herbs, including sourcing, identification and processing.  For traditional Chinese herbs, RBRMS™ are unequaled as reference materials when reproducible research results or consistent quality products are desired.  The following highlights how RBRMS™ were developed and produced.

How Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Evolved

  • Chinese herbs have been used since ancient times

  • They have become traditional medicines based on their continuous long-term use

  • Over this time, their indigenous and traditional sources have been well documented, as have their use and benefits

  • Only herbs from documented indigenous and traditional sources can truly represent what are known to be traditional Chinese medicines

How Phyto-Technologies Plays A Role

  • We gather samples for analysis from documented indigenous and traditional regions.

  • We analyze these samples individually and compare the results to determine whether or not differences exist among the different regions as well as to eliminate any adulterants

  • We then combine the samples from the different sources into an RBRM that will include the range of variation inherent in the herb as it has been traditionally used and documented for centuries

How Your Research Benefits From Our Efforts

  • RBRMs allow you to follow a multifaceted approach to appropriately identify and characterize complex traditional herbal medicines

  • A sample of a traditional herb, authenticated using an RBRM™ is much closer to the true identity and nature of this botanical as described in the traditional literature than any other samples authenticated using other Botanical Reference Materials (BRMs) and conventional analytical methods

  • An RBRM™ is representative of the traditional herb while a BRM characterized using conventional methods is most likely not

  • In order to achieve reproducible and consistent results in research and manufacturing involving traditional herbal medicines, RBRMs™ must be used

The following RBRMs™, developed by Phyto-Technologies Inc., are currently available from Chromadex, Inc.

Ganoderma lucidum (red reishi)
Ganoderma japonicum (purple reishi)
Isatis indigotica leaf (daqingye)
Panax pseudoginseng var. notoginseng (Tienchi ginseng; sanqi)
Rabdosia rubescens (donglingcao)
Scutellaria baicalensis, raw (Chinese skullcap; huangqin)
Scutellaria baicalensis, cured

We also offer custom RBRM development for your existing research/product development & manufacturing needs.  Collaboration on RBRM development is available.  Call to learn how to invest in (and benefit from) RBRM development.

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Sample RBRM Data with hpTLC and UV-VIS data:

RBRMs and their development

Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine

“The major stumbling block in the true modernization of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is the difficulty in obtaining herbal materials that are consistently reproducible and representative of the traditional herbs in their totality.”

Documenting Traditional Properties

“It is well known the same plant species when grown under different geographic regions and/or climatic conditions often produce widely different chemical components, in types as well as in concentrations.”

Unique Documentation of Herbs

“Traditional Chinese medicine has an extensively documented history that dates back at least three thousand years.“

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Fax: (712) 647-2885

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