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President's Statement

When I founded this company in 1995, I named it Phyto-Technologies because I envisioned it to be an herbal technology company.  I am proud that it has achieved that status.  Phyto-Tech was created to manufacture and support products I had formulated for our clients so that I could assure their safety and quality.

In the herbal field, 'technology' has come to mean using advanced scientific technology to develop new drugs from plants.  For us, at Phyto-Tech, it means utilizing appropriate science combined with traditional wisdom to correctly identify and characterize herbs and to verify their safety and efficacy, leading to the production of safe and effective modern herbal formulas that retain their traditionally well-known and well-documented benefits.  Our ultimate goal is to develop and refine this technology so that it can be used by manufacturers worldwide to produce true dietary supplements or alternative medicines (not modern drugs like ephedrine, synephrine, huperzine A, or caffeine, whose only connection to 'alternative' is the herbs used as raw materials in their production).  As one of a handful of non-academic institutions that have been awarded grants by the U.S. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine to conduct herb research, we have developed new technologies in herb identification and quality control in the form of RBRMs, which will help speed up our progress towards achieving our goal.

We could not have come this far without the steadfast support of our clients, friends and associates, for which I am extremely grateful.  And, as one of a group of like-minded people whose main goal in this business is to help improve people's health, I want to assure them that I will continue to strive to earn their trust and support.

Founder & President
Albert Y. Leung, Ph.D.

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