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Phyto-Tech History

Dr. Albert Leung established Phyto-Technologies, Inc. in 1995 as a manufacturing facility to enable him to oversee and control the production of one of the first herbal drinks he developed.  That’s how important quality is to us!  Only by sourcing correctly identified raw herbs of the highest quality and producing whole extracts following traditional practices could Dr. Leung know that he was making the best product possible for his client.  Since then Phyto-Tech has grown to become a formulator and manufacturer of many herbal blends incorporated into herbal products for various clients in wholesale, multilevel marketing (MLM) and retail distribution channels worldwide.

Our passion has always been to develop new phyto technologies necessary to bring traditional medicine into the 21st century and that has been our fastest area of growth.  Phyto-Technologies’ commitment to herb research and technology was solidified with an award from the National Institutes of Health, National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the amount of $1.4 million over three years to unlock the secret of feverfew’s ability to prevent migraines.  Although this research is ongoing, it started us on a path of extensive characterization of botanicals with a keen eye to traditional use.  The process has yielded a wealth of information about the physicochemical, biological and genetic profiles (fingerprints) of other botanicals.  The end product will be a research-grade botanical reference material for use in quality control, research and development and product support.

From the beginning, we have actively participated in the improvement of our industry through personal and corporate associations with members of government, academia and industry.  We are steadfast members of the American Herbal Products Association.  Also, we collaborate heavily with many reputable organizations in Hong Kong and China toward the development of a network for the modernization of Chinese medicine, including the Baptist University of Hong Kong and the Institute of Chinese Materia Medica in Beijing.

Our location in Woodbine, a small rural community in southwest Iowa has provided us with a staff of very well-rounded globally aware citizens committed to improving the health and well being of others.
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