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Choose Peace of Mind
Phyto B/P Profiling allows you to do the following:

- Confirm the identity and quality of herbal materials from suppliers
- Establish scientific credibility of your products

Research Scientists
- Obtain consistent & reproducible results by using PhytoPro herbal materials

Educated Consumers
- Ask the right questions and verify the products you buy are backed with traditional and scientific knowledge

Health-Care Professionals
- Learn what high-quality herbal products should be before recommending them to your clients
Introducing Phyto B/P Profiling™ Technology and
Phyto B/P Profiled™ (PhytoPro™) Herbal Materials

Do you have the assurance or peace of mind that the herbs you use are correctly identified and characterized?  With increasingly strict requirements being set by various national and international agencies, how can manufacturers and marketers confirm the identity and quality of their products?  Until recently the methods of characterizing these products were incomplete and not well suited for botanicals. Our novel multi-technique method, Phyto B/P Profiling, meets the needs of manufacturers, researchers and consumers in verifying the identity and quality of herbs and herbal products.

Unlike modern, well-defined drugs, the complexities of herbal preparations (especially those of Chinese herbs) require a multi-technique method of characterization.  Manufacturers need to be able to establish scientific credibility of their products by being able to confirm the identity and quality of herbs from suppliers.  Researchers need to be sure that the herbal materials they use in investigations are correct and well-defined. Health-care professionals need the assurance that the herbal products they recommend to their clients are of decent quality and not simply because advertisers say so. Consumers need to be able to verify the products they buy are backed with credible traditional and scientific knowledge.  Therefore, whoever you may be, Phyto B/P Profiling and PhytoPro herbs give you the assurance of quality you need.

Peace of mind is what you get when you know the herbal materials you use are properly identified and characterized.  Our technology and products for herb identification and characterization (Phyto B/P Profiling™ with or without Representative Botanical Reference/Research Materials™ - RBRMs™), can give you that peace of mind.
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