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Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

Phyto-Technologies Inc. now houses the extensive library holdings in Chinese materia medica accumulated by AYSL Corporation under Dr. Albert Y. Leung over the past twenty-five years.  This library resource, consisting of most of the major herbal classics ever published and over 200 journal titles (some dating back to 1970's), is one of the largest of its kind in North America.  Under a special licensing agreement between Phyto-Tech and AYSL, Phyto-Tech is pleased to make this rich information resource available to researchers, manufacturers, and marketers who wish or need to know more about Chinese herbs than is found in currently available translations that account for no more than a few percent of the total information available in the Chinese literature.

If you cannot find the information you need on Chinese herbs (toxicities, traditional properties, indications, contraindications, incompatibilities, precautions, history, etc.) in major library or other information sources (National Library of Medicine, Library of Congress, Medline, PubMed, etc.), we may be able to help you.  Our literature resources include not only modern scientific investigations in traditional Chinese herbs geared at chemical isolation and drug discovery, but also traditional research and clinical practice involving Chinese materia medica.  Don't waste time and money looking for the information you need in the wrong places.  Let the experts in this field with the relevant resources do the work for you.  Call to find out how our services can save you time and money.

The services we can provide for reasonable fees include:

  • Literature searches (e.g., safe-use history, traditional toxicities & indications)

  • Abstracts of articles

  • Translation of articles

  • Consulting in drug discovery

  • Consulting in traditional formulations

  • Other personalized consultations

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