Herbal Product Manufacturer - Custom Formulations and Herbal Extracts

Custom Extracts

We provide unique high-quality whole herb extracts for your manufacturing needs.  We also offer large-scale and small-scale options including the following:

Pilot extraction – whether you are a researcher or manufacturer, 2kg-25kg biomass may be either too large or too small for your own facilities to handle; we can extract it for you in our state-of-the-art laboratories and pilot facilities

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Supercritical fluid extraction – for extracting small quantities of non-polar compounds from 1g to 1000g of biomass.


   - Aloe vera gel (pure)
   - Astragalus
   - Cassia
   - Cherokee Rosehips
   - Cured Fo-ti
   - Eleuthero
   - Ginseng, American
   - Ginseng, Tienchi
   - Green Coffee - Natural GCETM
   - Job’s Tears
   - Licorice Flavonoid Extract (LiFE) – good antioxidant
   - Lycium
   - Passion Flower
   - Reishi
   - Schisandra
   - Tangerine Peel
   - Turmeric


   - Bletilla
   - YSK Magics
   - Sichuan Peppercorn Extract, SPE
   - Zicao Extract (shikonin)


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