At Phyto-Technologies Inc. we offer custom herbal product manufacture and development of Chinese herbal products for private-label distribution.  We also specialize in herb research including identification and characterization of Chinese herbs.

Do you have the assurance or peace of mind that the herbs you use are correctly identified and characterized?  With increasingly strict requirements being set by various national and international agencies, how can manufacturers and marketers confirm the identity and quality of their products?  Find out more...

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   Chinese Materia Medica - An Overview

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What We Do

Herbs – Identification & Characterization

Herbal Products - Development & Manufacture

  • Custom Formulation – Antioxidant, Anti-aging, Energy, Weight Management, Immune support, etc.

  • Custom Extractions - SFE (Carbon Dioxide Supercritical-Fluid Extraction); traditional pilot (5kg-25kg) & plant-scale extractions (25kg to over 1,000kg).

Herbal Consulting

Contract Laboratory - Natural Products

  We have the expertise, resources and equipment to meet your needs for contract herbal research, herbal product development and identification & quality control.

We can be your resource for herb identification, detection of herbal adulterants and verification of extract quality.

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